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"Birthplace of the winds"
Be Apart of History - Adak Alaska Memoirs Wanted

I will never forget when I received my orders to Adak Alaska.  My first thought was “Who did I get mad? (Edited Version)  I will never forget the scuttlebutt from my fellow Seabees telling me” You will love Adak, there is a women behind every tree.” (For those who lived or visited the Rock will understand this)  It was not until I departed Adak and arrived at my next duty station did I realize the great experiences and memories I had during my time at Adak. 


Between September of 1942 through March of March of 1997, Adak Alaska was a duty station and home to thousands of military and civilians.   I have been searching the internet for years,  looking for old friends and reading stories of those who did not live at the end of the world, but can see if from there.  The Birth Place of the Winds brings back many memories for me, and as I troll the internet, I see many people have stories and experiences to share about their time on THE ROCK.


Adak Naval Station is now closed, but our memories are still very much alive.  To keep Adak alive forever, I am working on publishing a book “Adak Memoirs” that will keep the memories and photos of living or being stationed on Adak alive forever.  Be a part of history and preserve history through the eyes of those who “lived on the rock.”  Your story deserves to be told and for generations to come to read and remember Adak Naval Air Station.


If you were stationed at Adak in the military or a civilian, and you would like to share an experience of your time on Adak, I welcome your stories and photos, for this publication.  I am seeking short stories or Memoirs up to 900 words that relate to one of the topics below:


·         The Outdoors

·         Friendship

·         The Parties

·         The Practical Jokes

·         Family

·         Your Job

·         Changed My Life

·         Isolation

·         The Barracks

·         Other


Short Stories, Long Stories, Funny Stories, Sad Stories, and Life Changing Stories are all welcome.


If you would like to share your story, experience, and or photos, clicks here for additional information. 



12/10/2011 - Updated the Submission Page.  Trying to make simple and easy....


11/27/2011 - Memoirs are being submitted daily and I have been enjoying reading your stories and memories of Adak.   I plan to create a page that will provide short clips of the Memoirs and Photos that have been submitted to date.  Thanks again for those who have taken the time to share their experiences.


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Adak Websites:

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Adak Videos:

Adak Videos - YouTube Videos by teerav73. Old AFRTS Videos from the 80's


Below are photos of the Adak National Forest.  The Photo of the left was taken by myself in 1990.  The photo to the right is the Adak National Forest taken by my father in 1958.  Father like Son. 

Adak National Forest 1958

Adak  National Forest 1990 (Son)                              Adak National Forest 1958  (Dad)


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